We constantly develop new and amazing apps to harness the power of augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Mainly focused on augmenting existing knowledge through artificial intelligence the apps range from fixing software issues to assembling devices and yes you can also know the flavour of your wine using AR apps.

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How ARITS works

3Way Socket AR App - Demo Video

Laptop Repair AR App - Screenshots

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What to do Next

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Register your account

You need to register an account with us to buy apps for your device.

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*Setup AR On Your Device

Transform your mobile device into an AR machine. Works on devices with Android 8.0 and above

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Get your own AR App

Simply share the requirements for your next AR app and our developers will develop it for you.

*This process cannot be un-done and our tech team will be unable to help you with reversal. Please proceed with caution and only use device which you really want to transform into an AR device.

Coming Next

Simple AR Headset

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A step in innovation is a step ahead for human race.

We are constantly working to understand customer journey and build solutions to enhance their experience. Therefore, we are now working towards a simple AR headset which projected to go on sale in Q4 2021.

Our design principles for this device are: Simple, Light, Ergonomic, Economic, Knowledge Friendly (SLEEK)