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ARITS stands for Augmented Reality based Intelligent Technology System. The project has been developed mainly for field engineers, maintenance personals, service technicians and knowledge seekers to bring intelligent information right in front of them without any dependencies like reading blogs, watching tutorials, and seeking help from remote expert

Before ARITS came to being, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented / Hyper reality were working in silos. No one silo was talking to another. This disconnect was not leading to any purpose fit solution. Rather than working in silos, we thought to integrate the best technologies we have today and develop solution which can address most business problems like expert knowledge retention, provide after sales support in regions where companies have no presence, getting most out of remotely managed technicians and engineers and complying to service standards of the company

So, back in summer of 2019, the idea was hatched and presented as Augmented Knowledge. Back then, there was no element of artificial intelligence to it but as the solution developed, with large volumes of data and with no one size fits all solutions, we adapted and developed an AI engine to process knowledge. With numerous trials and errors and failures we were successfully able to develop AI based augmented solution for simple tasks in mid of 2020. These solutions went through different feedbacks and finally a good solution was available in starting of 2021. It can be said that the covid times gave the core team more time to work on this research project.

Finally, our system was ready and without any dependencies knowledge was right in front of technicians. These technicians had no prior training on the systems and were able to perform the tasks like an expert.

Today with help of ARITS you do not need an expert to assemble or disassemble devices and machines, perform software troubleshooting, perform operations on complex systems and be an advisor for your favorite wines.