Device Provisioning


What is device provisioning?

Sustainability has always been key to our system. Overloading the planet with digital hardware is not eco friendly. It also results in e-waste and unnecessary spending.

In addition to standard devices and wearables ARITS has been configured to work on android devices, mobiles and tablets, with much accuracy. You can take any old android device above version 7.0 and transform its environment to ARITS to run modules.

What is the difference between ARITS provided device and Self provisioned device?

ARITS device and self provisioned devices roughly give same result. The reason we say roughly as different sensor, screen size and camera modules may hinder desired output. We advice to use ARITS devices for commercial use to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency.

How can I provision my android device to ARITS?

In order to transform your android device to ARITS environment, simply log in to your account and check device provisioning. Account creation is important, so that the device can be assigned to your profile.

Please note: Once to device transforms to ARITS environment, it will not be possible to roll back to android. You will only be able to use this device for ARITS modules.

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