The Team

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ARITS would not have been possible with the trust and dedication of people who believe in us and motivate us. There is an endless list of people without whom, the company could not have come to shape, these include and are not limited to friends and families of our professional team, the office staff that took care of us, our mentors, critiques, and contractors who helped us to develop greater insights.

But most importantly, there are 3 people who form the backbone of ARITS. Bringing in their expertise and experience they dedicated all their time, energy and effort from the inception of the idea and lead ARITS towards its growth and development.

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Priyansh Saxena
Founder & CEO

Priyansh had a vision to use latest technologies to make life of service professionals better.

He had worked in tech sector for more than 10 years before starting ARITS. He knew how painful it is for companies, employees and clients to deliver and get good services. Extensive trainings, escalations and dis-satisfaction makes its frustrating and stressful to deliver and receive a good service. Having engineering experience and business background in technical services, he knew if we have access to knowledge at hand, there will be fewer escalations and higher performance. That was one of his reasons to build something using AI and Augmentation, and that something resulted in ARITS.

Today Priyansh looks after overall Product Development, Customer Experience, Sales and Growth Performance.

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Amit Parmar
Solution Architect

Amit joined ARITS as he could see the value it can deliver to companies and consumers in everyday operations. Having worked in technology sector for wide range of companies over 12 years, mainly identifying what went wrong, why and what can be done to improve things, he brings insightful arguments to the table. He visualizes different perspectives and makes sure that commitments are fulfilled. His strength is to identify business problem and build a strong solution against it, with the help of technology.

At ARITS, he takes interest in Marketing and Sales, and Corporate Account Management.

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Aditya Jain
Principal Developer

Aditya is a out of the box thinker. When he joined ARITS, it was just a dark room with simply a vision. The tools and technologies are available to everyone, but Aditya made sure that these tools and technologies fit the product purpose and the vision of the company. He took care of product development from a technology standpoint and made sure the desired objectives are met. He makes sure that his knowledge is constantly up to date to match market expectations, so that he can deliver stable and quality software products.

In ARITS, he currently looks after Software Development, Research and Training.